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Suggested list of do's and don'ts and general information for red top

 POWER: Electrical cords and foot pedals for sewing machine, electrical reel, heavy duty long extension cord, surge protector, etc. You might want to attach a tag with your name on it.

SEWING SUPPLIES: Sewing machine, owner’s manual, extension cords, foot pedal, thread, pins, scissors, seam ripper, rotary cutter and rulers. Pretty much all your “normal” sewing stuff.

CUTTING STATIONS will be set up, but a small mat at your table might be helpful for smaller cuts.

NO IRONS OR ELECTRIC LIGHTS: Ironing stations will be set up. You can bring a battery operated light if you like. The electrical system at Shelter #2 has been an issue in the past, but we’ve been assured this will not be a problem without extra irons and personal lights. There will be water jugs by each ironing station…please be kind and refill the irons as needed.

DESIGN WALL: A flannel backed tablecloth works well. NO tape or nails will be allowed on the walls, doors or windows. ONLY Command Strips by 3M can be used to hang your design wall. Use Bullnose clips to clip your flannel and then hang that on the Command Strip hook. You may cut slits or sew grommets into your flannel to hang directly onto the Command Strip hook.

DUCT TAPE: (Bright color and wide) to use on floor for securing electrical cords to floor. This will help prevent tripping and falling on all the cords we need.

TRASH BAG: If each person brings their own little trash bag for their table, that would lessen the cleanup we need to do on Friday afternoon. Even a simple brown paper bag taped beside you will help to keep threads and trimmings off the floor. You could also pack your stuff in a small wastebasket or bucket, then use for trash.

Bring your own chair or at least a cushion for the chairs that are provided. Your body will thank you! A rolling cart or small dolly is very helpful for loading and unloading your supplies.

TABLES: We rent tables for the Retreat. Some of the tables are not smooth, so you may want to bring a plastic tablecloth to cover it. If you bring a small table to set your sewing machine on, remember that we have 64 members coming to the Retreat and space will be quite tight. Be courteous to your fellow quilters and do not take up extra space so that those without extra tables are cramped.

DRESS IN LAYERS: It may be hot, cold or “ just right” in the shelter. We have heat, but no A/C.

DINING: Lunch and Dinner will be provided by the Guild. The menu will be sent out separately.

BRING YOUR OWN TABLE SETTINGS FOR LUNCH AND DINNER: plates, bowls, cups with lids, silverware and napkins. The Guild will NOT be providing paper plates, cups or utensils. If you would like anything other than soft drinks, coffee or tea with your meal, you will need to bring your beverages from home. There will be NO bottled water purchased by the Guild. No one will be allowed to wash their dished in the shelter kitchen. Members cleaning up after themselves has been a problem in the past and the kitchen crew has enough to do without cleaning up after us.If you are bringing food or drink from home for yourself, you will need to bring your own cooler. NO personal food or drink will be stored in the shelter refrigerators.

DESSERT/SNACKS: Please bring ONE dessert OR snack to share. NOT one every day…only one for the entire Retreat.

ENTERTAINMENT: The information on games and what to bring will be sent in a separate document. ( Remember to bring markers for Quilto - a
bingo type game)

FLASHLIGHT/UMBRELLA: Bring a flashlight to go back and forth to the bathroom and your car. It is very DARK out there at night. Bathrooms are
outside for Shelter #2. Not that it would rain on our Retreat, but you just might want to be prepared with an umbrella.

SCRAP MOUNTAIN: We will have Scrap Mountain once again this year. Please look through your “scraps” and see what you would like to donate to the heap. Bring scraps, pieces that are more than a scrap or yardage. We all have fabric that we say “what was I thinking”. One woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure. Also…bring a bag or two to take new treasures home.

BATHROOMS: Remember these are public bathrooms (Shelter #2). If there are any problems with the bathrooms, please let Sue Zabell know immediately and she will contact the park office to take care of it. 

VISITORS: There has been much discussion about visitors at the Retreat.
We would like to discourage visitors, but if you do have a visitor, please meet with them either outside or in the dining area of the shelter only. There is a HUGE safety issue with all the cords, irons, rotary cutters and the like. We don’t want any accidents happening. Think of what our Retreat would be like if everyone had a visitor.

Be sure to contact me if you have any questions or concern, especially if this is your first Retreat.

Sue Zabell

 (h) 678-331-1201 or (c) 404-643-1834