Community Service

The Guild makes comfort quilts for children of all ages and for adults in distress. The quilts are given to the Acworth Police Department who share quilts with other agencies (Ex. Safepath Child Advocacy & GA State Patrol).  An example of how they use our quilts: if a child is taken out of a home or has been in an accident, Acworth PD will try to comfort that child with a quilt.  The quilt is theirs to keep.


A comfort quilt doesn’t have to be fancy or spectacular; it needs to be colorful, warm and provide security.  This year I am asking members to “pledge” to make one (1) comfort quilt; this is not a challenge.  It is a “promise” you are making to the children and adults of Acworth and surrounding communities.

Please try to keep the maximum size of the quilt to a twin size (around 54” x 75” – this is just a guide). Quilts larger than a twin we find are too big and too heavy for use by a child or an adult who maybe in assisted living or nursing home (those beds are usually twin size).

Make sure the quilt has a label that is sewn on to the back of the quilt. Pin a paper label with your name to the quilt – it will be removed before donation.

The Guild will continue to donate pillowcases to “Ryan’s Cases for Smiles.”

Pillowcases must be:

           1. Made of 100% cotton fabric*

*Quilt Shop Quality Flannel may be used; however, both the body of the pillowcase and the cuff must be flannel (no non-flannel fabric).

2. Should be bright, cheery and colorful

3. Must not have skulls, guns or glitter

4. Must be laundered using fragrance-free detergent and dryer sheets

5. Must be ironed, folded and place in a new quart size zip lock bag

2020 COMMUNITY SERVICE DAYS are on alternate 4th Tuesdays and the 5th Tuesday of the month.

Time:  10 AM – 3:30 PM

Lunch:  Will be provided; you will need to bring your beverage and a snack or dessert to share.


One annual charm for a comfort quilt or 5 pillowcases will be awarded.

1.  First time donating a quilt or 5 pillowcases (you have not donated in 2016 thru 2019)

– you will receive a pin with a charm

2.  When you make a donation in 2020; you will receive a charm to add to your pin.

3.  If you make subsequent donations during 2020

– regular awards are given through the Awards chairperson at Show & Tell

4.  For pillowcases, if you are donating 5 or more, it will help if you put them in a bag with your name. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME IN/ON THE QUART BAG.

With you name on your donation, I will be able to keep track of awards given in 2020.


Number of Quilts made in 2019:  152

Number of Quilts made in 2018:  163 

Number of Pillowcases made in 2019:  795

Number of Pillowcases made in 2018:  568