Pillowcase for Charity - Standard Pillowcase Instructions

Required Yardage   

Main Piece                            7/8 yard
Border/Cuff                          1/3 yard

Cut as Follows

Main Piece                            27” x 40-41”               Determine which piece is the longest
Border/Cuff                          11-10” x 40-41”         and cut both pieces that length


Step 1            Lay border piece right side up.
                       Lay main piece of pillowcase right side up on top of border piece
                            - line up raw edges at top.  Stick a few pins to keep together.

Step 2             Roll up the main fabric from the bottom up to keep it out of the way.
                       Bring the bottom edge of the border piece to the top edge, matching
                       and pinning all the raw edges together.

Step 3            Stitch a ¼” seam along the pinned edge.  You now have a tube of fabric.
                       Turn the tube inside out and press the border so it lays nice and flat.

Sewing the final seams:

 This can be done either with a serger or French seams.  The following instructions are for French seams.

Step 4             Put the wrong sides together and sew a ¼” seam.  Clip the corners,
                       turn wrong side out and press.

Step 5             With right sides together, sew a ½” seam, enclosing the seams.
                       DO NOT CLIP CORNERS!
                       Turn pillowcase right side out and you have yourself a pillowcase!

To donate to charity:

Wash the pillowcase in unscented, clear detergent and dry using an unscented dryer sheet.  Iron the pillowcase and fold it so it fits into a new, clean quart size baggie.

The Allatoona Quilt Guild pillowcases will be donated to “Ryan’s Case for Smiles”.  

In 2017, the Guild donated 500 pillowcases to the Georgia Chapter.